Bringing the Stanford Design Way to You

You are always welcome to visit us at Stanford University, but not everyone can travel to sunny California. We support Stanford’s long-range vision to magnify the university’s educational contribution by further increasing access, advancing the science of learning, and extending our reach beyond the campus. dGlobal is a special program for qualified partner organizations, administered by the Stanford Continuing Studies Program, that allows a group anywhere in the world to learn the Stanford Design Way and apply it to their local context.

Building Innovative Teams

How do the best teams work? What practices support a highly innovative team? This cutting-edge hybrid program is designed around how people truly learn – through a blend of practice, reflection, and reinforcement.

Step 1. Practice: In a flipped model of learning, you organize any event or workshop to provide participants with an initial exposure to group collaboration and design teamwork.

Step 2. Reflect: Interested students can then submit a mini e-portfolio in which they reflect on their teaming experience through words and photos.

Step 3. Reinforce: Students then enroll and participate in a Stanford 6-week online course, designed to reinforce key concepts based on the enduring practices from the award-winning ME310 design course, taught at Stanford since 1967. Course topics address:

  1. Create a learning culture
  2. Building T-Teams
  3. Collaborating versus coordinating
  4. Why build to think
  5. Three horses
  6. All design is redesign

Benefits & Cost

Participants who complete all three parts earn an official Stanford University transcript and 1 unit of Stanford Continuing Studies credit for DSN300W. They also join the Continuing Studies Program alumni community. Tuition for the 6-week course is USD$400 per person, payable to Stanford. Expected course load is approx. 3 hours weekly.

Quarterly Schedule

Part 3 is tied to Stanford’s academic calendar, so all portfolio submissions and enrollment must occur at least 7 days prior for that quarter:

Partner Program

We are looking for partners who regularly organize learning events and share our vision. Each event must be at least 4 hours long and be designed around teams addressing real-world problems. Event formats may be a corporate workshop, student hackathon, or design sprint – whatever works best for you. You must commit to at least two events.

We would like to spotlight several of our dGlobal partners worldwide:


David Brügger
BOLDT Partners

Latin America

Reinhold Steinbeck


Frank Gao
Global Management Trend Institute

South Africa

Alison Jacobson
The Field Institute

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